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IMCCA and InfoComm Hosting Unified Communications and Collaboration Summit at InfoComm 2014

Jun 11, 2014 9:57 AM

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With the rapid expansion of the unified communications and collaboration marketplace, InfoComm and IMCCA are teaming up to launch a compelling four-day conference addressing all facets of unified communications including audio conferencing, videoconferencing and telepresence, smarter working, managed services, cloud services, mobility, BYOD, and other collaborative technologies.

The Solutions Summit: Unified Communications and Collaboration will feature keynote speakers, case studies, panel discussions, and the opportunity to interact with attendees at two luncheons. Here are some samples and highlights:


Unified Communications- Striving for Ubiquity – Full Day Session

Unified communications (UC) has become the default term for next-generation, IP enabled enterprise communications. Silos for voice, video, telephony, and communications products can no longer exist. IT, AV, facilities, and business units are now working together to achieve ubiquitous communications that allow employees to communicate and collaborate on any device from wherever they are located. How is this being done? What are the roadblocks and pitfalls? Who has been successful and what has worked? End-users, consultants, and industry experts will present their experiences and share a path to success for ubiquitous unified communications.

Clearing Video Collaboration Adoption Hurdles – 90 Minute Session

Video and all of unified communications is growing at a rapid rate across the world. However, most organizations use a “provide and pray” approach to technology, which has been shown to have a nearly 90 percent adoption failure rate. There will be a discussion on how the deployment of video and collaboration technology can be much more successful when organizations follow a detailed adoption plan including sound processes, training, and support. It is by aligning these factors with the technology itself that organizations will see excellent adoption and usage, and realize the full benefits of new technologies.

Dimension Data’s Mitchell Hershkowitz will walk attendees through the specific steps of a successful collaboration adoption program and will then be joined by guest panelists who have experienced successful collaboration adoption programs first hand.


The Merger of AV and IT: What Works, What Doesn’t?

The merger of audiovisual communications with information technologies has been happening for several years as more AV tools have IT attributes associated with them. How have organizations addressed the merger of AV and IT? What has worked well to make the merger successful? What has not worked and needs improvement? This session will address issues of importance to working in an environment where both IT and AV are important, in other words, how to work together in most rooms! Panelists will share stories about user experiences and discuss steps to take to make the merger of AV and IT successful and seamless.

WebRTC – Important Trend or Hype Engine

By now everyone has read how WebRTC is going to revolutionize the collaboration industry. While WebRTC represents some excellent concepts to drive ubiquity and compatibility, the promise and the reality are miles apart. In this session presenters will go over the latest doings of the W3C working group and the manufacturers involved, presenting a realistic picture of what has been done and how much longer it the wait is for true compatibility.

Unified Communications & Collaboration Roadmap

UC has become the default term for next-generation, IP-enabled enterprise communications. Organizations can no longer consider video, telephony, instant messaging, or collaboration products in silos; they must be viewed and planned as part of a UC strategy. Settling on a successful UC strategy has been nearly impossible to achieve, with many organizations frustrated as a result. Part of the reason it is elusive is because UC means different things to different people. Success is all about achieving the right blend of technologies and features. This session will look at the successes and pitfalls of UC implementation and how to achieve that right blend.

All together there will be 10 sessions, two interactive luncheons, and a special breakfast at the UC Lab that will allow attendees to start the day with coffee and a bite to eat while they can get their hands-on real UC tools to get a sense of how things actually work.

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