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Daktronics Expands University's AV Capability, Part 1

Mar 9, 2011 2:23 PM, with Bennett Liles

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Right and I guess during regular season football games they pretty well have a set routine worked out where they know what they’re going to do and when. You mentioned wireless mics and that’s a pretty long distance to be transmitting. What’s your secret for capturing good signal from the wireless mics at the stadium?
When we use wireless systems in a stadium this large obviously we do away with the sticks that would normally come with the microphones and we take cable off the units and actually remotely locate the two panel antennas. In this case we put the antennas outside so they’re in a clear line of sight view of the field. [Timestamp: 9:49]

And everything from the antennas runs down on what type of coax?
We use a 50Ω coax. [Timestamp: 9:54]

OK describe if you would the function of the control room rack equipment so that you can control all of the wireless and DSP features of the system.
This is actually a rack mount professional computer that’s installed in the rack permanently. And with this rack-mount computer there’s actually, like I said, a rack-mounted touchscreen so the user can access all the wireless components, the mixer itself and the amplifiers all from one point within that control room. [Timestamp: 10:21]

Well it sounds like they got a good start and the system’s fairly new but they’ve had a chance to break it in and see how it works.
Right and this is a professional operator that’s using this system so he was very happy to see this new system and I’d say he could walk into this system and within a couple of hours he could operate this system as good as he’d have to for the rest of the season. [Timestamp: 10:41]

Well it sounds like a tremendous upgrade for Memorial Stadium the football venue at Indiana University and John thanks for here for Part 1 and in Part 2 we’re going to get into Bill Armstrong Stadium, the soccer field, and talk about the sound system you put in there but for now thanks for being here for Part 1.

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