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From Broadway to Boardroom, Wireworks Turns 35

Mar 26, 2009 8:00 AM, By Linda Seid Frembes

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“We’re Not Supposed to Be the Star”

Any company that, whether they are in the AV industry or not, can last 35 years in a competitive environment and remain as successful and viable as Wireworks must have a great secret, right? “It’s remembering that we’re not supposed to be the star; it’s about the show or the presentation,” Krulewicz says. “We’re all in entertainment, no matter if you’re a CEO giving a presentation or a singer on Broadway.”

One trend he has noticed in the corporate market is that presentations are striving to not be so boring. “Everyone wants to be entertaining and to have big entertainment value,” he says.

The biggest difference that Krulewicz sees between Broadway and the boardroom is that a large Broadway venue has stage hands, and not performers, who handle the technology.

“But there are rarely people to help set up and run a presentation in a corporate boardroom. Therefore, AV technology and control systems have become more sophisticated so that it becomes easy for the nontechnical presenter to ‘raise the curtain’ so to speak,” he says.

Earlier this decade, Wireworks introduced AV2000 all-in-one cables that include audio, video, data, and control signal cables in one hybrid connector. Krulewicz points out that AV2000 is one example of how AV cables can make the use of technology in a corporate environment much simpler. “The two goals of our products are to interconnect AV equipment and to do that with ease of use,” he says. “Our customers rely on us to make durable products with the right connections that are road ready.”

Wireworks is a privately-owned company with both founders still active in day-to-day operations. All Wireworks products are manufactured in the United States. As for his company turning 35, Krulewicz concludes, “It’s about doing it right and not letting the customer down. People come back when they know they can rely on you. No one wants to have to think about the cable; it just has to work.”

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