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AV Revitalization of Texas Music Theater, Part 2

Jul 12, 2011 11:54 AM, with Bennett Liles

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So how do you communicate during the shows? Do you have an intercom in there?
Absolutely. We've got a six-channel Clear-Com intercom system. It's a single channel we have follow spot floor connections back up in the back of the theater up in the balconies and we have FOH and lighting and monitor stations and our stage manager back stage, and we use four single mas and two dual mas and we feed them to the FOH monitors and it works great. [Timestamp: 5:37]

What are you doing for wireless mics? Any issues with the installation on that?
We have not had one bit of trouble with our wireless mics. Nobody's had any problem with any wireless stuff in there at all. That's great. [Timestamp: 5:5]

What have you got for wireless mics in there?
We have some Audio Technicas. We bought a pretty good mic package that pretty well met most of the requirements for touring acts and what they would expect the house to have but I got Audio Technica 18W 3-14 1B UHF wireless handheld mics and really good sounding mics. I have a lot of Shure stuff, Sennheiser, AKG, Countrymen direct boxes, Whirlwind stuff…direct box. [Timestamp: 6:2]

Yeah, I guess you'd probably have to keep a pretty good inventory of wireless mics down there since you never know what you're going to run into.
Well a lot of the acts are bringing their own mic packages—some do, some don't and we haven't had a real issue with that. What I wouldn't mind is getting a couple of lavalier mics just because we have some events in there when we have speakers. One thing I didn't mention about…I want to say as far as the power for the main system—all of the power for the main system is Lab Driven. We love those amps…the sub we have a FP 10000 on the subs then we have 2 C88-4 for the mids and 2 Lab Driven C28-4 for the highs and then I have a bunch of old QSCEX4000's that I've scattered out over monitor amps…Crest CC2800 for the ledges so… [Timestamp: 7:06]

With as much work as you put into separating the power and everything another potential problem with that would be lighting, so what are you doing for the lighting in there?
Well what we have is we have…for the lighting to get all the stuff in the ceiling above the stage on structure basis we put about 8,000lbs. of steel up there and reinforced the whole ceiling but we have three trusses, they're all motorized and the upstage truss is a 30ft. 12x12 and mid stage truss is a 30ft. 12x12 and the other thing we have another big one out front that's 20in. box. They're all 30ft. long but we haven't had any problems with lighting or power or nothing. [Timestamp: 7:45]

Well if you've gone through as many different acts and you're not having any significant problem with that, I'd say it's pretty well shaken in.
We haven't had one problem with power. We loaded up on the power—we're over powered if anything. [Timestamp: 7:57]

Where do you have the lighting control located?
The lighting is FOH. We have a Road Hog console, four-channel, DMX snake that's FOH and it's all for mics so we pulled up all the cables to go through the pull cores underneath the floor right in front of the stage so we have no cable. Everything's underground. [Timestamp: 8:11]

And are you doing any kind of projection in there during the shows?
Absolutely, I have rear projectors left and right with Panasonic 50FW300U projectors and we have ViewTech 110in. rear screen projectors and we have those left and right on the stage then I have a huge screen that comes down to our front curtain that's motorized and it's 18ft. wide and it goes from the ceiling to the floor so when the bands change I just project on that and I have this one big high def projector mounted back behind FOH. It's a Panasonic PTD W6300 US projector with a PTDLE450 zoom that's on a 20x20ft. screen—it was 20x20, that's what it was—but what we do is that projector…I can project anything on the back wall of the stage. I can project anything on the front screen where the bands are on stage. I have 2 high-def cameras underneath the corners of the balconies left and right and they show the bands on those screens and I am able to capture all those screens with anything I want. What we use is a lot of the signage and the content and the ambient stuff we put on the screens and stuff I use—actually I use a DJ rig—I use a Rein 2TM57 SL components mixer with Serato program and I have Video SL which is by Serato and so I load all that stuff in the hard drive I can...the band feeds me images and I can put them up in a instant. [Timestamp: 9:41]

All right, well it sounds like you've done the right things in there and you've had enough performers to of proven the venue. Gray thanks for being here to tell us about the Texas Music Theater and the best of luck to you and your crew there.
Well thank you so much. Tell everybody we're at which is Texas Music Theater San Markos and have them drop by the web site for all the tech specs are on our web site so they can read everything we have in there if they'd like it. [Timestamp: 10:07]

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