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AV Overhaul at Consol Energy Center Part 1

Jan 13, 2011 11:28 AM

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Yeah, that could be a trick because the TV cameras don’t respond to color exactly the like the human eye does. The way you actually see it from where the fans are.
Well and the idea is primarily that advertisement is for not just the fans in there but primarily for the TV audience and it is a challenge to…luckily we can control that color and achieve the white. It’s just getting the right setups for the different camera crews coming in to make sure that we can set up for them. And that’s what we’ve been able to do to get various presets to allow that to occur. [Timestamp: 10:52]

With so many people working together on a big construction project like this there could be times when things don’t exactly happen in the right order when you have to wait on something else to get done first. Was there anything like that to contend with?
Well obviously we were awarded in July of 2009—it takes a little while, we could not start working because the arena was not able to let us work at that point but as far as a engineering standpoint we started doing most of our work towards the end of 2009. We started installing cabling and stuff in the March timeframe and going all the way through to finishing up in July 4th was actually when we had one of the first open houses where everything was viewed. [Timestamp: 11:46]

So what do you see happening with LED displays now? I mean the technology’s come a long way.
Obviously on the indoor products, the surface mount technologies are really coming along nicely. It’s pretty much dominated the indoor market. We’re seeing it as the Penguin’s going to more and more black packages, higher and higher resolutions. We are now bringing out our first what’s called O-LED which is the organic LED’s. I don’t really see that primarily in the sports market at this time but certainly the density that’s starting at 3mm and higher resolutions that’s the area where it’s going more and more LED almost any open surface is being covered by video advertisement and fan interaction. I don’t believe anybody that goes to these arenas and stadiums are being bombarded by advertisements but there’s certainly an interaction process where information and stats and crowd imprompt’s and interaction as well as being hit with the advertisements it’s certainly a nice trade off. The fans certainly love it. I’ve never heard anybody seem to be annoyed by the amount of advertisements and stuff that are coming at them. [Timestamp: 13:11]

And no trouble keeping up with the action. In some stadiums now almost every time the game gets into action you can see the player stats and team stats and every kind of fact and figure on it. What kind of sports project does Mitsubishi Diamond Vision got coming up? Anything you want to give us a preview on?
Well there’s the next phase of sports would be into baseball season which we have a project at the Boston Red Sox and the Seattle Mariners…so doing additional stuff out there. We already have fascia ribbon boards at the Red Sox and we’re adding additional video boards and out of town and advertisement type boards in that facility as well as the Seattle Mariners we’re adding other fascia boards that’s replacing some of their old lamp base products and just enhancing overall fan performance. [Timestamp: 14: 09]

Well if you do as spectacular a job on those as you did on this one they’ll really have something to talk about. It was great having you here David to tell us about the Consol Energy Center video display’s project and what did you did there with LED displays and thanks very much for being here.

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