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AV Technology Enhances Corporate Collaboration, Part 2

Dec 23, 2010 12:26 PM, With Bennett Liles

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OK, and in videoconferencing, one of the elements that can easily get to be a rather obnoxious problem is when the sound doesn't work right. So how are the participants miked for sound on this?

In the boardroom, they're using small AKG button mics through … that are installed within the table, as well as the ceiling speakers are made for the playback. In the videoconferencing room they're actually using a Polycom HDX microarray in the ceiling. So it's a ball microphone with three elements that picks up the entire room … it's a smaller video conference room so there's no microphones on the table in that particular room. [Timestamp: 3:01]

So that probably works better for acoustics. I would think that the acoustics in that room might be a challenge anyway because of the … all of the glass exterior walls. Did that have an effect on the way things sounded in there?

It did. Especially in the boardroom where there's two walls of floor-to-ceiling glass that we accommodated in two ways. One was with the room darkening shades that actually helps reduce the echo or reverberation in the room as well as we installed a Polycom sound structure processor which we can set levels and filters in within that unit to compensate for the bad room acoustics. So overall, when we're done, it actually sounds really, really well in the room when we're talking on videoconference or on audio conference. It sounds like you're on the telephone. [Timestamp: 3:55]

And that's the Polycom sound structure … what is it, C-series models?

Yeah, the C-series. I'm sorry, yeah, the C-series. [Timestamp: 4:02]

OK, and I think those come in either 8x8 up to 16x16 ins and outs.

Yes, this one, it was the 16x16. The larger … larger one. [Timestamp: 4:12]


And it has also the table … I'm sorry, the telephone interface card where you can plug a telephone line into it and use it for a audio conferencing system as well. [Timestamp: 4:22]

And the shades, what are those--Mecho motorized shades?

Yeah, they're motorized shades. I'm not sure what the brand is, but the lighting system and the shade systems tie together and that's a Lutron system. [Timestamp: 4:33]

OK and that's what, just contact closures?

The shades are contacts closures, and then we're talking to the graphic guy through an RS-232 interface, the Lutron graphic guy, to dim the lights or turn the lights on different scenes within the room. [Timestamp: 4:47]

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