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Audio Outfitting for Urban Outfitters, Part 2

Dec 1, 2011 10:01 AM, with Bennett Liles

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And you’ve got RF mics in there too, don’t you?

Yes we do.

And those are Sennheiser RF mic systems?

They are Sennheiser 300 series G3300s in there with the 835 heads. We also have a couple of headset mics in there too. Wireless presented properly—the biggest challenge; one because of the size of the space. They wanted wireless reception inside and outside, and we are still on an active naval installation with Homeland Security flexing their might. [Timestamp: 5:32]

Oh, well, I’m sure there were no hoops to jump through there.

There was a lot of design going into that, and we’ve been pretty successful since then. [Timestamp: 5:42]

Yeah, in close proximity to any military installation I guess the RF situation is always going to be a little tricky. I was curious about one other thing here though. I saw on the pictures that the open space goes all the way up to the roof.


So what happens when it rains in there? How loud does that get?

I think the roof is cast concrete. We’ve been in there in some very heavy rains that we had on the east coast this summer, but it gets loud but not as loud as you might think. It’s also right next to Philadelphia International Airport, which causes another slew of noise issues. Some of it is just the reality—we work in the real world, so we have to deal with real-world situations and the sound of rain or the sound of jet liners is part of the flavor of the building. [Timestamp: 6:29]

Right and they’re just gently reminded of where they are now and then. So you didn’t have to do any acoustical treatment at all…


…because that would have been a lot of area to cover.

It would have been. Cost wise, I think, to add a lot of acoustic treatments might have added a whole lot more to, and above and beyond where Urban may have been interested in going. [Timestamp: 6:48]

How long did it take you to do all of this?

We started at the end of January 2011 and finished up in the very beginning of April. We were not there every day. We had, I think, a couple tours and a couple other shows—live show, live productions, and Urban came literally on the heels of another install we did at the Sellersville Theater. So I think we finished up at Sellersville on a Wednesday and started pulling wire at Urban on a Thursday. [Timestamp: 7:16]

Well, I guess since you had been in there with a lot of temporary setups before, you didn’t have have a lot of surprises to deal with on this thing.

We did not have a lot of surprises, but there always are some surprises; cable runs are always a little bit longer than you think they’re going to be. It took a lot longer than we had expected it or than we had hoped it to take, but there were not a lot of surprises that popped up I think because we have experience working in the space and a lot of experience working with the client. [Timestamp: 7:43]

Probably no substitute for both of those at all. So tell me about what else DBS Audio has coming up. Have you got some things you’re just about to make happen?

We are finishing up a church installation at the Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church in Horsham, Pa. That’ll be, again, a Meyer system; it will be a combination of 500s, the Meyer MINA line array, and then UPJs for a delay, and then there’s also a 70V system using Tennoy 601s. Another project we have going on that’s about to start is going to be a new space Drexel University and then we still have our live sound and touring division of the company.

Well, I would think that that would be enough to keep you guys busy.

It is.

Well, this was really an interesting project and the more I got into it, the more I wanted to get into it and I’d really love to see that place sometime and hear the sound system for myself. Thanks for giving us all the details on it. It’s Michael Shoulson from DBS Audio. I appreciate it, Michael.

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