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Almo E4 AV Tour Special, Part 2

Mar 22, 2011 11:07 AM, with Bennett Liles

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All right Jonathan Brawn it’s been great talking to you and I’m looking forward to the all the videos and online stuff that’s going to be coming out of the E4 Tour. It’s been great to have you here to give us a preview of it.
It’s been my pleasure. I always appreciate getting to share what’s going on and thank you for the opportunity to share with your audience what we’re doing and the programs that we’ve been fortunate enough to work with Almo on. We’re really looking forward to it as well. [Timestamp: 8:59]

And now we turn to Max Kopsho and Max thanks for being here on the SVC podcast. You’ve been with Kramer Electronics for a good while now and you have a big job in educating people on an increasingly wide array of products from Kramer.
And that’s true. Thank you for having me. And also what’s been really interesting lately in my career the past couple of years is I’ve had the opportunity to train a lot of people on general industry technologies and certification preparation for the industries. It’s been a great ride recently. [Timestamp: 9:27]

I’ll tell you Max, I don’t know how you keep up with all those things because I know you get a lot of questions from people and you never know what you’re going to be asked about and in addition to that you were chosen as InfoComm’s 2010 educator of the year and there was some formidable competition there with InfoComm being all about education. So congratulations on that.
Well thank you and I absolutely agree that the competition was quite formidable. I consider myself pretty lucky to be put into the same class as those guys. And even to address the two things that you just mentioned. One is just hanging out with those guys I get to learn an incredible amount so to be considered one of them is incredible to me and then the other thing is, that goes right in line with just the training in general, is that I get to learn a lot as I teach so I that’s how I keep up on products and technology. [Timestamp: 10:13]

I’m sure it’s a fantastic learning experience for you. Now this is your debut with Almo Professional AV’s E4 Tour and you were going to be taking on a very big topic right now and that’s the analog sunset—something we’re hearing more and more about. So what sort challenges does the analog sunset present to manufacturers like Kramer?
Kramer Electronics being a leading edge technology manufacturer in the signal management realm, we’re constantly dealing with new technologies. And of course lately there are a lot of consumer market-driven factors that have propelled some of these new technologies into the pro AV market place. Sometimes this push is in the pro AV space and it’s not a perfect fit. In those cases Kramer has had the challenge to enable our customers to adapt to systems to almost forcing the fit and understanding the new technologies as they’re working their way into our market. [Timestamp: 11:04]

And when you’re covering this topic what sort of presentation are you going to do? What are the high points you’re going to hit on this?
We cover some of the legalities that go behind the term "analog sunset." Where it came from as far as the AACS final agreement and we then also get to cover some of the technologies that are driving us there with digital rights management and HDMI and new digital formats. We all…tie it all together as to some of the why we’re having to make this switch and then some of the technologies on how we make this switch. [Timestamp: 11:33]

And this is a moving target. These things are changing all time so I guess you’re going to have to stay current on this right up until you’re at E4 making the presentation.
Exactly, you almost have to do a little bit of predicting. It’s kind of like playing a chess game where you almost…you have to be at least two or three moves in front of your opponent. In this case the opponent is all of these outside factors that have to do with the way the technology is implemented so you have to look at two different things, like I said the AACS agreement and then you also watch the FCC and what they’re doing and I almost have to predict to where those two are going to end up meeting in the middle. Along with all the other technologies that are at play. [Timestamp: 12:12]

Since you’re doing the presentation, what sort of audience do you think you’re going to have at the E4 Tour? You haven’t done E4 but you’ve done a lot of this everywhere else so what are you anticipating there?
Well we actually designed the class to cover many segments of our industry so really just about anybody in the pro AV industry would want to attend. I believe we we’ll see people from sales and marketing, design and install, operations, project management, technical support, and purchasing and even I would expect to see, and I say this jokingly, and I would even expect to see some senior management in that class because they’re going to be making some of their corporate strategies based on these things. And the class addresses some of the main concerns with integrating digital and analog and in the digital rights. So I think it covers a wide enough spectrum to really encourage anybody to attend but then it’s also going to have a little something for everybody. [Timestamp: 13]

That’s right. A certain knowledge of the analog sunset would apply all the way up and down the corporate chain from the top officers to the real nuts and bolts people.
Absolutely, I ‘m happy to be doing it for the Almo Pro AV E4 Tour, I think it’s a great opportunity to get this information out there and Kramer’s dedicated to education and Almo is dedicated to education so it’s a perfect fit. [Timestamp: 13:22]

Well I’m glad to hear that and I’m looking forward to possibly seeing you online. I know Almo’s going to have a big online presence at E4 for all of those who can’t make the trip and maybe we’ll be seeing you there.
Yeah, I look forward to it. I think one of the really neat things that the Almo E4 Tour is doing is they’re almost saying, “Hey, you got to attend a lot of this before you go to InfoComm” because you can only do so much while you’re there so even the people who are attending InfoComm would benefit from seeing some of the presentations that will be done at the Almo E4 Tour. [Timestamp: 13:51]

Right and I was talking to Melody Craigmyle and Sam Taylor from Almo in Part 1 about how you’ve got to have a strategy for what you’re going to do and when at E4 because there’s going to be so much to see and do.
Absolutely, yep.

All right Max thanks very much. Max Kopsho from Kramer Electronics covering the Analog Sunset period at the E4 Tour, thanks for being here with a preview of it.

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