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Ensemble Designs BrightEye NXT Router Interface

Sep 21, 2013 12:07 AM

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Ensemble Designs announced its BrightEye NXT router interface f or t he N ewTek T riCaster 8000 multi-camera live production system. TriCaster 8000 benefits from having more sources available on the inputs by using the BrightEye NXT router from Ensemble Designs. The BrightEye NXT’s BNCs can be configured as inputs or outputs, which lets the user decide how many inputs and outputs the router has. If the production requires additional input, a BNC can be assigned as in input on the fly. NewTek sales channels have complete access to Bright- Eye NXT router series and will be integrating the Ensemble router with TriCaster 8000 systems upon any customer request. “It’s so convenient to be able to see your HDMI and SDI sources right on the front of the router,” says Cindy Zuelsdorf, marketing czar at Ensemble Designs. “You don’t need an external monitor to see your sources, making it extremely easy to select sources feeding the TriCaster.”

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