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Creston DVPHD multi-window video processor and annotator

Mar 29, 2013 2:44 PM

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Crestron has introduced the DVPHD multi-window video processor and annotator, which features fully customizable graphics, touchscreen room control, advanced HDCP management, and complete HD annotation capabilities in 1RU. The DVPHD features HDMI inputs to natively support up to eight HDCP digital sources at once. Each input includes a passthrough. Two models are available: the DVPHD-8, which features four HDMI, and four DVI-I or the DVPHD-4, which features two HDMI and two DVI-I video inputs. Additionally, DVPHD models may be customized using an online configuration tool. The DVPHD lets you display up to eight full-motion video HD content sources on multiple video windows from a full range of input signal types including HDMI, DVI, and HD-SDI, plus standard resolutions, and handles high-definition digital video with HDCP and deep color with resolutions up to 1080p60 or 1080i30, and 1920x1200 computer images. The 24-bit graphics engine also lets you create visual effects and background textures, full color images, and other design elements. DVPHD also allows users to annotate in realtime over any video image. Availability: Now

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