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Oppo Digital DV-983H 
By Jeff Sauer
Over the last few years, Oppo Digital has carved out a reputation as a small company doing big things in the DVD player world. Flying below the slings...

Listen to Your Vinyl on Your iPod 
By Jason Bovberg
If you’re like me, you cherish your vinyl record collection for its nostalgia and for its high-quality non-digital sound...

Pinnacle ShowCenter 250HD 
By Jason Bovberg
At less than $200, the Pinnacle ShowCenter 250HD is one of the lowest-priced HD media players I could find....

The Perfect Speakers for the Connected Home? 
By Jason Bovberg
We figured we’d spend that Saturday drooling copiously to the gorgeous intonations of all the ultra-high-end audio systems on display...

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone 
By Paul Thurrott
So, what's the deal with the iPhone? Is this the must-have device of the year,...

MyCasting with Orb 
By Jason Bovberg
As mobile devices increasingly consume our daily lives, we're looking for more ways to control when, where, and how we access our personal media...

Checking Out the i.Sound Harmony System 
By Jason Bovberg
I've been thinking a lot about my Apple iPod lately. I've been thinking about the best way to listen to it....

A Whole-House Audio Solution 
By Jason Bovberg
What would you say about a modular multi-zone system that integrates popular digital sources such as XM and Sirius satellite radio, an iPod interface, an AM/FM tuner, and even legacy audio sources all into one whole-house receiver?...

Simple Security from Swann 
By Dustin Ewing
Swann Communications introduced the PC DVR 4 NET, a PCI card for four-camera home monitoring, supporting a complete line of affordable DIY security cameras...

Microsoft: Your Digital Content, in Any Room in the House, at Any Time 
By Paul Thurrott
Microsoft's plan to have Windows Media Center Extender devices remotely use XP Media Center content (i.e., digital music, photos, movies, and recorded TV) is a good strategy ...

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