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Automated Home Management 
By Elizabeth Boyle
Imagine walking into your kitchen and having the lights turn on automatically...

Remote Desktop: At Your Desk While on the Road 
Christa Anderson
You've finally arrived at your hotel room, and you're ready to relax before giving your important presentation tomorrow...

Installing a 100Mbps Home Network 
Jim Boyce
Many existing home networks work at a maximum of 10Mbps...

Hosting a Web Site from Your Home 
Tony Northrup
All you want is a simple presence on the Web—a home page. Hundreds of companies on the Internet can host your site, but each has different space limitations, bandwidth charges, scripting capabilities, and usage reports...

Remote Desktop Troubleshooting Tips 
Christa Anderson
Windows XP Professional Edition's Remote Desktop feature is a cinch to set up and use...

Mixing Wired and Wireless Networking in Your Home 
David Chernicoff
Although the idea of a completely wireless home network is compelling, in most cases, a mixed wired/wireless environment will serve your needs better...

5 Steps to Home Wireless Security 
Bobby Malik
One of my friends recently bought a wireless router for his home...

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