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Netflix: To Stream or Not to Stream—That Is the HD Dilemma 
by Jason Bovberg
For these reasons, over the past 10 years, I’ve become more of a movie buyer than a movie renter. ...

Home Health 
By Christopher Wells
“Home health technology” is a general phrase covering an array of hardware and software products integrated into a system whose job it is to monitor the living habits and patterns of one or more persons, generally elderly, and share that information with the relevant parties. ...

How Do You Make Your iPod Work for You in Your Connected Home? 
By Jason Bovberg
I got an iPod touch for Christmas. ...

Five Ways to Make Your Home Theater Better Than the Rest 
By Jason Bovberg
Now that I’ve been enjoying my theater for more than a year, here are five aspects about it that I’m most proud of....

Coming Home to Windows Home Server, Part 14 
By Eric B. Rux
Windows Home Server enthusiasts have created free add-ins that you can download....

Upgrading from DVD to Blu-ray: The Movie Collector's Dilemma 
By Jason Bovberg
If you're like me, your movie collecting really began in earnest with the introduction of the DVD format...

Coming Home to Windows Home Server, Part 13 
By Eric B. Rux
Here's a way we can turn on our computers remotely using Windows Home Server...

Positioning the Xbox in the Center of Your Networked Home 
By Jason Bovberg
I've been playing a lot with my Xbox 360 lately, mostly because...

Coming Home to Windows Home Server, Part 12 
By Eric B. Rux
I’ve asked this question before: How do you use your Windows Home Server system in your home or your business...

What Happened to the Music? 
By Jason Bovberg
We're still in the midst of the iPod revolution...

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