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Management Perspectives: Marketing Programs 
By Don Kreski
If you've never put together a marketing plan, don't feel bad. According to a survey by AT&T, about 60 percent of small businesses never do. Yet the most successful companies consistently write such plans, and they take a very organized approach to marketing...

Management Perspectives:
Marketing Strategy
By Don Kreski
Marketing planning is a lost art in the AV industry. Many contractors don't know where to start. I asked three AV integrators how they plan their marketing programs. Their answers may help you understand how you can get better results...

Management Perspectives:
The Shift is On
By Kent Martin
Once upon a time, home entertainment stores marketed directly to the homeowner. After all, it only made sense that the person buying the home would be...

Management Perspectives:
Business Costs
By Mark E. Battersby
It is a rare contractor who doesn't know whether his or her business is profitable: Accounting statements or even the operation's tax returns often provide that information. How many integrators, however, know whether their bids, jobs, or services they perform are profitable? Few are aware whether their best customer is generating profits ...

Management Perspectives: Church Tech Training 
By Gary Zandstra
One of the most discussed topics in the industry of church AV is training. Integrators are installing more sophisticated and complex systems as many churches...

Management Perspectives:
How to Avoid Being Burned
By Gary Zandstra
Have you ever been burned by someone? Really burned? The kind of burn that leaves a mark? Have you envied the salesperson who continually lands the big...

Management Perspectives: Marketing Loyalty 
By Sabrina Mehra
It's sad when independent integrators cling to marketing myths. The most costly of these misguided notions is the idea that being an effective marketer...

Management Perspectives: Cold Calls 
By Ted Tate
In this age of computers and other electronic communication marvels, there are still thousands of salespeople who make a profitable living with face-to-face...

Management Perspectives: Making Connections 
By Ted Tate
I can't recall how many times I've attended so-called networking events, hoping to develop some sales leads, only to leave discouraged. Not only did I...

Management Perspectives: Get Passionate! 
By Gary Zandstra
It never seems to fail. When one is successful, he or she often forgets the things that led to that success. For example, the integrator who starts out...

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