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Shooting Your Own Installation Photos 
By Don Kreski
How can you take and submit photos of your work to ensure they will be considered for coverage in print magazines? ...

Putting the V In AV Marketing 
By Don Kreski
With our industry tied so heavily to video display, you might expect video to play a prominent role in AV marketing programs. Not so. It’s rare that an AV contractor, dealer, staging company, or even a manufacturer produces any video materials...

Ecommerce Websites 
By Don Kreski
Don Kreski explorers whether an Ecommerce Website is what your business needs...

Building Blocks 
By Don Kreski
So you’re ready to upgrade your website, or perhaps you’re ready to build a site for the first time. You have a lot of ideas, but how do you go about making it happen?...

If You Build It, They Will Come 
By Don Kreski
Though our industry continues to do well in the economic downturn, a lot of AV integrators are asking themselves, “What do I need to do to keep the orders coming as buyers trim their capital budgets?”...

Management Perspectives: Tracking Results from Your Email Newsletters 
By Don Kreski
One of the best things about an email promotion is that you can tell how well it has gone over with your audience. ...

Management Perspectives: Shooting Your Own AV Systems Photos  
By Don Kreski
In my March column, I wrote about the value of a great photo of a system you’ve installed. It helps customers understand what you do, it adds credibility to your sales efforts, and if you’re trying to publicize your work, it fills the magazine’s need to illustrate an article....

Management Perspectives: Installation Photography  
By Don Kreski
Is it worth investing in good photography of your AV installations? says Gina Lauria, director of marketing for Crestron and former marketing manager...

Management Perspectives:
Managing the process of redesigning your company’s graphics
By Don Kreski
The process of a company logo redesign is more complicated than just hiring a designer and turning him loose....

Management Perspectives: Extreme Corporate Makeover 
By Don Kreski
Have you ever lost a project even though you had the low bid? There are many reasons why that might happen, but the most common is that the customer simply doesn’t believe you’re able to finish the job, or finish it as smoothly and as reliably as someone else....

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