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Sep 18, 2012 2:29 PM, By Cynthia Wisehart

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In Seattle at Barboza, Glen Phillips had just finished a set for the gathering of press and dealers at Mackie’s debut event for the Mackie DLM series powered loudspeakers. He was a great choice to make the point about these very compact 2000W top boxes and subs. The combination of bright guitar, his vocal range, and warmth really showcased the clarity and nuance of the speakers. Or rather, we heard the clarity and nuance of the singer—the speakers seemed most of all to be staying emphatically out of the way.

In the long narrow room, the effect was very clean and intimate; two of the DLM12 top boxes barely breaking a sweat, underpinned by four DLM subs cruising along underneath. It was, admittedly, about $6000 worth of speakers. The system was no doubt optimized for the launch event with the speakers’ unique internal processing, as well as probably some help from the resident Mackie DL1608 board (itself a slick little iPad driven mixer that John McJunkin has reviewed in this issue).

But that was part of the point after all—to show a complete system with the new DL board and the even-newer DLM series speakers, to show off the TruSource vertically aligned, common-magnet driver, and the powerful combination of DSP processing and class D amplification. Mackie is proud of this, as a follow-on to the SRM450s, and as a modern blending of more recent technical achievements in drivers, DSP, and amps. (You can learn more about the engineering process in my interview with Mackie’s John Boudreau on p. 62.) The demo-day ended with Seattle’s Presidents of the United States filling Barboza with virtuosic chaos, giving the subs a workout with their guitbass intensity and unrelenting lyrics. It is nice to get out.

Speaking of getting out. This month my NewBay colleagues are doing something a little different with the latest in the popular series of Rental & Staging Roadshows we co-produce with InfoComm. The venue for the Oct. 9 roadshow will be at Full Sail University in Winter Park (Orlando), Fla. Full Sail is one of country’s best places to get a pro AV education, and one of the few that treats it as a standalone discipline and not just an extension of pro audio or video.

Programming will include a technical session on live event staging issues, a business session on sustainability issues, and special sessions that will include Full Sail faculty and students on the state of the AV industry, where the jobs are and will be, and how to staff. Our own Mark Johnson (whose Line Array Technology Showcase will appear in next month’s issue) is a member of the Full Sail faculty. The roadshow will also include presentations by manufacturers and additional technical topics.

Attendees can receive up to three InfoComm CTS renewal units for the day. For more information, go to

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