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CEDIA's Technology Council, Keeping You Up to Date with Industry News

Sep 12, 2011 4:36 PM

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The industry is moving fast, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. CEDIA’s Technology Council is always working to identify new business opportunities and risks for CEDIA members created by emerging and future technologies. Keep an eye on these Technology Council offerings.

Emerging Trends Quarterly Updates - This new video series aims to help CEDIA members and members of the electronic systems industry stay informed of opportunities and threats within the industry. CEDIA’s Technology Council produces emerging trends videos on a quarterly basis, and they are available for anyone to view on CEDIA Crosspoint at Recent videos have featured topics such as cloud computing, home automation trends, and new product news.

White Papers – CEDIA’s Technology Council serves as a resource for the industry. The Technology Council is continuously working on new white papers that help set the standard in a variety of areas. Recent white papers have included:

Network Security Best Practices - This white paper covers network security in three parts: (1) Securing the router from WAN (Internet) attack; (2) Securing any wireless networks; and (3) Securing the LAN and individual devices. The white paper serves as a guide for electronic systems contractors who are responsible for their clients’ networks.

Understanding EDID – This white paper will familiarize electronic systems professionals with techniques for reading and emulating sink device capabilities from EDID. The paper also gives an overview of EDID on repeater devices and splitters and offers tips for resolving interoperability issues by examining the EDID.

HDMI Installation Best Practices – Learn the best practices in HDMI distribution, including topics such as how to pull HDMI cables and basic HDMI tests. The paper also gives an overview of common interoperability issues.

CEDIA members have access to these resources free of charge; non-members can purchase each paper for $9.99. Get your copy today at Stay tuned for new white papers on HDMI and other key topics from CEDIA throughout the year.

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