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Associations Focus: Opportunities All Around

Sep 1, 2007 12:00 PM

InfoComm, NSCA, and CEDIA gear up for changes as well as certifications and classes.

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The NSCA University Partners in Education program provides state-of-the-art industry training in which manufacturers donate classroom space for regional training courses. In addition, generous sponsors provide meals, invite participants to tour their businesses, and recommend local lodging options.

“We value these contributions from our manufacturer member companies,” says NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson. “Their support makes it possible to bring our education classes to the industry with a substantial cost savings realized. That allows us to reinvest those savings into new education programs. It really is a win-win for everyone.”

NSCA teamed with the following manufacturers to increase its geographical reach: Shure (Niles, Ill.), Bosch (Burnville, Ill.), Crestron (Rockleigh, N.J.), and Atlas Sound (with sites in Phoenix; Ennis, Texas; and West Dundee, Ill.).

Partners in Education is all about training close to your home base, food, networking opportunities, and a place to rest your head. For more information about Partners in Education, contact NSCA at (800) 446-6722.


Every two years NSCA takes the pulse of the industry. Confidential surveys are mailed to all members in North America. Data is collected on company background, staffing, certification, employment benefits, and compensation.

“For companies to thrive, they must remain competitive in the industry,” says NSCA Senior Director of Member Services Jodi Montgomery. “The report is an effective tool to help companies with their employee recruitment and retention efforts by ensuring that the benefits package they offer is both appealing and aligned with other companies in the industry.”

Small, medium, and large companies in 36 states responded to the survey. In certain areas, large gaps were reported. For example, company size (measured by gross sales) was $637,500 or less for one in 10 respondents. However, one in 10 also reported grosses of $18 million or more.

Following are some fast facts from the report:

  • Most companies earn between $1 million and $3 million per year.
  • Members expect to boost company revenues by 16.7 percent for 2007. Smaller companies had the most optimistic predictions, expecting to grow their businesses by 29.2 percent.
  • A majority of businesses (53.8 percent) plan to increase their staff in 2007.
  • Companies support certification. Some (35.4 percent) encourage it, while 39.2 percent mandate it.
  • Technical staff are most likely to receive raises; sales staff are least likely to receive raises.

NSCA corporate members may download the 98-page Compensation and Benefits Report at


Each year, the NSCA Education Foundation awards five NSCA University Scholarships to industry professionals. Several winners have shared how these scholarships have helped them with their businesses, customers, and industry knowledge.

David Reding, a new business owner of Progressive Sound, won his scholarship in 2006. Reding used the award to hone his technical and business skills at NSCA University classes during the 2007 NSCA Expo.

“I didn't really know how important education would be. When Mom teaches you how to cook, you learn step-by-step,” Reding says. “With audio, sometimes people do it by the seat of [their] pants. If you're putting in a $150,000 system, you better know what you're doing.”

Reding isn't the only winner to recognize integration is more than just gear. When Albert Dekoning, general manager of NDR Corp. in Oakland Park, Fla., won his scholarship, he chose to send one of his employees to NSCA University classes for training.

“He learned a lot, and he enjoyed his training. It's going to help us get the job done. It's going to help us in setting up these systems. We're big into backing up people in our positions,” Dekoning says. “We don't want to have one person that is so key that he's the only one who does his job.”

Due to changes in technology and in the industry, NSCA University and NSCA Education Foundation have partnered to continue educating members of the commercial electronic systems industry. For more information on how you can receive financial assistance, visit NSCA University offerings are available on

NSCA Calendar of Events

Oct. 10
Electrograph's Display Technology Experience, New York

Oct. 15
2006-2007 Market Intelligence
Briefing Year-End Summary

Oct. 21-23
10th Annual Fall Business Conference, San Diego

Oct. 22
Special Interest Sections released

Oct. 31
2007 Financial Analysis of the Industry Report released

Nov. 6
Electrograph's Display Technology Experience, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

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