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Associations Focus: Diversified Focus

Oct 1, 2006 12:00 PM

Associations expand their assistance by providing new and different benefits to industry professionals.

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Convergence is a term that our industry tends to view with confusion or outright disdain as mixed messages have been tossed around about this topic for the last decade. Whether we like it or not, there is a trend in our industry to blend technology sectors. NSCA has dedicated resources to finding the new definition of convergence and determining how this trend will benefit not only members of our association, but also the industry as a whole.

In August, NSCA convened a Convergence Summit of manufacturers, contractors, and consultants from all specialties in the commercial electronics systems industry, in order to discuss the definition of convergence. It was determined that a strict definition may never exist. However, the group was able to benchmark the effects of convergence on the industry to date, and start a road map for how the industry could take the driver's seat and guide the direction of convergence in coming years. The first step was to determine what kinds of training we'll need to implement in a converged world.

NSCA continues to evolve the concept through education and outreach. Additional information from the Convergence Summit will be released at the 2006 NSCA Fall Business Conference, October 26-28, in Myrtle Beach, S.C.


NSCA members continue to see considerable cost savings compared to other insurance quotes with SystemsPlus P&C and SystemsPlus Surety. One systems integration firm reports that the SystemsPlus rates on General Liability with E&O for alarm came in 18 percent to 20 percent lower than competing quotes.

SystemsPlus Insurance is a program developed specifically for the commercial electronic systems industry, providing dedicated staff and policies to protect the two things that are most important to your business: your people and your assets. Quotes are free for members and non-members. However, you do need to be a current NSCA member to participate. Just call (888) 864-5455 for your quote today.


NSCA University is ramping up for the 2007 Systems Integration Expo in Orlando, Fla., and is bringing even more of the industry's top educators to the conference to teach the core and advanced classes that are key to our industry. The roster already includes more than 70 courses that range from intensive two-day hands-on workshops to forums that discuss the latest technology and installation challenges. Pre-expo education begins March 13, 2007, and registration for those courses is open at

All attendees of NSCA Expo education have the opportunity to build hours, called Learning Units or LUs, toward a Certificate of Completion in one of the six colleges of NSCA University. You can earn up to 16 of the 24 hours necessary to be awarded your certificate at the 2007 expo and be on your way to completing this program this spring. Learn more about the Certificate of Completion program at


Harman Pro Group continued its commitment to advancing industry initiatives with its recent $10,000 donation to the NSCA Education Foundation. 2006-2007 foundation initiatives include support of continuing education for industry professionals, expanded outreach programs to students in courses of study that lead toward careers in the commercial electronic systems industry, and funding assistance for research projects and tools such as CSI MasterFormat04 expansion tools.

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