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Associations Focus: Diversified Focus

Oct 1, 2006 12:00 PM

Associations expand their assistance by providing new and different benefits to industry professionals.

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InfoComm International



For the past year, systems integrator members have been requesting access to InfoComm International's highly respected installation educational and reference materials at their company site. InfoComm is pleased to announce that this becomes a reality this fall. Professionals will now have all the tools they need in InfoComm's interactive, one-stop Audiovisual Installation Center. InfoComm is combining reference materials, video, and classes in one section of its website —

A quick trip to the Audiovisual Installation Center gives visitors access to a wide array of InfoComm resources related to AV installation. Because the content can be a bit overwhelming for busy employers, they can watch a four-minute video, Customize Your Company's AV Install Program, for a quick overview of all that is available. Individuals are able to watch similar videos aimed at their areas of interest.

Key to this rollout is the new AV Installation Best Practices manual. This easy-to-use notebook contains best practices refined by experts at the InfoComm Academy. The book includes step-by-step procedures loaded with color photographs illustrating key practices for cable termination, rack building, cable handling, and mounting, as well as a glossary. It's a great way for supervisors to show their staff how the job should look when it's done right.

The center also features new assessment tools. Employers can evaluate whether employees have learned what they need to know to do the job, or to determine what skill areas need improvement. Depending on their certification type, CTS holders can earn renewal units by visiting the Audiovisual Installation Center and registering for an online, multiple-choice test on the best practices in the AV Installation Best Practices manual.

The Audiovisual Installation Center also includes information on InfoComm's new AV Installation Practices: Part One Training Library. This library provides entrance into InfoComm Academy's Installation School right from a desktop. The advantage of the library is it provides access to content in smaller chunks, so installers can learn or refresh their understanding of specific information as they need it.

Supervisors charged with training new people may not have the training materials they need to instruct effectively. The AV Installation Practices Library provides access to InfoComm's highly respected training materials, including instructor manuals, assessment tools, and streamed presentations — all in small segments to make it easy for supervisors and staff to learn what they need, when they need it. It also links to updated content as the industry debates and fine-tunes best practices.

Current modules include: Introduction to Audiovisual Installation, Terminations, Cable Handling, Rack Building, and Mounting. To give one an appreciation of the depth of the material offered, the Audiovisual Installation Center offers visitors free access to the entire Cable Handling section — a sneak peek of the valuable information offered.

The Audiovisual Installation Center is also the place to go to link to relevant white papers, install classes, and the online installation class. A new best practice discussion area will be a cornerstone of the new Center, providing insights to readers and a forum for commenting on industry best practices. We think the installation community will want to check this discussion area frequently to see what everyone is talking about and to provide feedback on best practices.

By year's end, InfoComm will be launching a redesigned website to better serve the needs of the industry. The new site will feature additional areas organized by subject matter and will make it easier to find the information that is most relevant to AV technicians, supervisors, business owners, and others in the industry. Please visit for updated information and to view other new centers as they become available.

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