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Apr 16, 2012 11:30 AM, By Cynthia Wisehart

Integrating Iris by Cirque du Soleil

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What is Constellation?

Constellation employs at its core the patented VRAS algorithm invented by Dr. Mark Poletti. His motivation in developing VRAS was communication­, what he described as the four communications of live performance. In a live performance there is a two-way communication between the performers and the audience and feedback from the room to both performers and the audience," Poletti writes. If any one of those four exchanges is weak, the total experience suffers.

Meyer Sound’s Constellation system employs advanced digital processing and miniature transducer technology to enable a scaling of room absorption and reverb without artifacts. The system can be comprised of a variety of wired microphones and self-powered speakers (as well as integrated into show system loudspeakers). The idea is to create optimal but flexible acoustics for buildings that have a variety of acoustic and aesthetic needs, or which may be used for different purposes that require varied acoustics.

Once Constellation is installed in the venue and tuned, a simple press of a button will instantly change the room’s acoustical properties.

Shape-shifting Logomo Hall

Logomo Hall in Turku, Finland, uses a Meyer Sound Constellation system to assume whatever size or shape is suited for the event of the evening. On one night it can provide a compact 1,100-seat space with a nearly square audience area. Within a few hours, it can be an elongated rectangle accommodating 3,500. A permanently installed Constellation acoustic system instantly optimizes acoustical response for both the current room configuration and the event.

Logomo Hall is the centerpiece of a refurbished industrial complex that was originally built for railway maintenance. Since the hall shares its space with a prefunction lobby, the physical versatility is made possible by a massive seating stand that glides back and forth on compressed air cushions. One space shrinks while the other enlarges to form three hall sizes, while the stage also offers three configurations.

The Constellation system employs 76 microphones to pick up ambient acoustical energy, which is returned to the room as early reflections and late reverberations through 223 discreet, self-powered loudspeakers and 12 compact subwoofers. Constellation is equipped with presets for nine hall/stage configurations, each with acoustical environments as defined by reverberation time, early decay time, strength, clarity, and bass ratio (warmth).

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