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Timbercon Plastic Optical Fiber

Dec 27, 2007 8:00 AM

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Timbercon Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) products are large-diameter assemblies with acrylic cores and cladding constructed of fluorinated polymers. Similar to traditional glass fiber, POF transmits light/data through the core of the fiber. However, POF assemblies can have a core size, in some cases, 100X that of glass fiber. The increased core diameter allows 96 percent of the core to transmit signals from point-to-point, making it an ideal material for very high-bandwidth/signal transmission over very short distances.

Features of this type of product include not only a large core size and low cost, but also a multitude of connector options. POF products are also field-service tolerant, able to remain functioning with some scratches and contamination because of the high bandwidth they provide. Connector options allow easy integration with existing systems.

Timbercon POF products typically are used in medical, automotive, home networks, digital audio/video interfaces, signs/illumination, and instrumentation.

POF assemblies possess special characteristics that make these products an ideal solution for applications which traditional glass-fiber products are not well suited. For applications requiring a very tight bend radius, POF products can generally bend to 25mm with no excessive attenuation. For visible-light laser applications, POF assemblies can transmit the signal such that it is visible to the human eye, making users aware of its attachment to an active laser and allowing them to avoid associated dangers.

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