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Telecast Fiber Systems Introduces the New Adder II

Aug 22, 2007 8:00 AM

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The new Adder II from Telecast Fiber Systems features a scaleable rack-in-a-rack design, providing easy audio transport. In addition, the Adder II provides up to 64 channels of bidirectional audio, four intercom module slots (providing up to eight intercom circuits), expanded data and GPI capabilities, outstanding signal-to-noise, mic gain and phantom power control, and industry-leading latency specs.

Analog modules come in rows of 16, while AES modules are in rows of eight or 16. This eliminates the need for expensive D/A and A/D converters by allowing an AES transmitter to interface to an analog receiver, or vice versa.

The Adder II is built from the ground up with 1RU frames that interface to a common backplane. Analog and AES TX and RX frames can be combined with intercom and data frames to create an audio system that is customized to fit users’ specific needs. Whether you need 64x64 analog audio or 32 analog to 16 AES signals in just one direction, with or without intercoms and data, the Adder II gives you maximum flexibility.

Analog TX modules feature mic preamps that allow 40dB of gain adjustments plus 12V to 48V phantom power via a convenient switch and LED display. The BoothPak can be optionally equipped for remote control of these functions. The Adder also offers more than 25dB of optical dynamic range, allowing it to operate across the theater or across town.

The Adder II can also operate on one or two fibers or two coaxial cables. Its dual-redundant TX and RX are at different wavelengths to facilitate easy WDM single-fiber operation. GPIs are via convenient binder-posts, and data offerings include RS-485 for use with matrix intercom keypanels. The signal analyzer features an LED bar graph, and the generator has three tone frequencies and three levels.

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