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RME ADI-648 Offers Multichannel Transmission over a Single Line

Oct 24, 2007 8:00 AM

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The ADI-648 from RME offers format conversion from MADI to ADAT and vice versa. According to the company, it combines the world's most successful multichannel interface with the professionals' exclusive high-end interface. MADI offers 64 channels of 24-bit audio at up to 48kHz sample rate and 32 channels at up to 96kHz. Transmission happens over a single line, either coaxial (BNC) or fiber-optic (network). In both cases the cable length can be more than 100 meters.

The MADI channels are transferred from and to eight ADAT optical inputs and eight outputs via TOSLINK. Furthermore, the ADI-648 contains an easy-to-configure, 8-channel 16x16 matrix router.

Any of the outputs, which are divided into 8-channel blocks, can be fed from any 8-channel input block, both on the ADAT and the MADI side. With this, there is not only free routing within the M-A and the A-M conversion, but also splitting and routing within the same format. An 8-channel input block can be routed to any number of output blocks in parallel. Using more than one unit, several MADI signals can be combined into one (merging). Here are some application examples:

  • Managing long distances with a single cable
  • ADAT breakout box for devices with MADI interface
  • Connecting MADI-based equipment to RME's Hammerfall series
  • ADAT optical patchbay and router
  • MADI coaxial/optical or vice-versa converter and splitter
  • MADI redistributor, patchbay, and router
  • MADI merger

The ADI-648 is compatible with all forms of increasing the sample rate (double speed). It supplies word clock in single or double speed, distributes 96kHz signals in double wire mode into the MADI datastream, or per sample split (S/MUX) to the ADAT ports, but is also capable of double MADI rate (96k frame). The ADI-648 thus also represents an ideal MADI front-end for the Hammerfall and Hammerfall DSP series. SyncAlign and SyncCheck, technologies known from and proven by other RME products, allow for perfect sync between all channels and easy notification of error states. And of course multiple devices can be cascaded and synchronized sample-accurate using word clock. The ADI-648 accepts 56 channels, 64 channels, and 96k frame at its input, and it can be set to generate those formats at its output. This way the ADI-648 even serves as perfect interface between otherwise incompatible MADI devices.

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