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Power Conditioners Technology Showcase

Jan 26, 2011 12:00 PM, By Mark Johnson

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The Equi=Tech Model Q balanced power system comes in seven different sizes ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA load capacities. All sizes feature a front-panel LED voltmeter, which indicates voltage at the input or output depending on the position of the voltmeter mode switch. At least 12 AC outlets are provided in the systems, including one unswitched ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for use with components that require continuous power for a clock or to maintain volatile memory. Four outlets are specially filtered for digital components, and the remaining outlets are for analog components such as amplifiers and preamps.

ETA Systems' ETA-C15D is rackmountable and provides 10 total outlets (eight rear, two front). Two of the rear outlet and one front are unswitched. The ETA-C15D includes a front pull-out, dimmable LED lamp; a front-panel digital AC mains voltmeter; and an XLR socket for additional lighting on the back. The unit features RFI and EMI filtering and dual-clamping spike and surge suppression.

ExactPower manufactures whole-house power systems as well as rack- and shelf-mounted systems. The 1RU rackmount EP-C-15R uses 3d-order (18dB per octave) bi¬directional AC line filters to reject both common-mode and differential-mode AC noise and RFI. The device features six nylon-faced, hospital-grade AC receptacles as well as phone/network surge suppression and satellite and cable filter I/Os.

Furman Sound P-8 PRO Series II

Furman Sound P-8 PRO Series II

Furman Sound designs and builds systems for audiophile/home theater use as well as for pro AV. The P-8 PRO Series II base model features the company's Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus for surge and spike protection, Linear Filtering Technology for control of AC line noise. The unit includes eight rear panel outlets and one front outlet. Additional models in the series feature retractable LED lights with dimmers, voltmeters, and RMS current meters. The device is rated for 20 amps.

Juice Goose's JG 8 series features the JG 8LM with two dimmable, slide-out light modules and a 20-segment LED voltage meter. Eight rear-mounted AC outlets are configured to accommodate wall wart power supplies.

The Lowell Manufacturing Model ACSPR-2009-VTE includes a front-panel lighted on/off actuation switch, a 20-amp system circuit breaker, and a receptacle (always on) that is independently protected by a 5-amp circuit breaker and multicolored LEDs for visual identification of system status. The rear panel comprises one unswitched duplex outlet, one unswitched single outlet, one switched duplex, and three switched single outlets. Also featured is line-to-neutral surge suppression and Lowell's over/under voltage tolerance envelope circuitry, which turns all receptacles off when line voltage exceeds 140V or drops below 100V. The unit will automatically restore power to the receptacles when acceptable line voltage is detected.

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