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Opvision OPV2000 Fiber-optic Transceiver

Nov 14, 2007 8:00 AM

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The Opvision OPV2000 transceiver transmits up to two channels of digitalized analog video, and two channels of audio and data signals over one single-mode or multimode optic fiber. Normative OPV2000 products transmit one to two channels of video, two channels of audio, and two channels of data signals in the same direction, while extended OPV2000 products provide bidirectional transmission of single-channel video, multichannel audio (or data), and two channels of 10/100M Ethernet signals.

OPV2000 system can at best transmit four channels of audio signals (two pairs of stereos), and the maximum data transmission can be achieved with two channels of RS-232 and two channels of RS-485 signals, concurrent with two channels of 10/100M Ethernet transmission. The transmission distance of a multimode fiber is 2000 meters, and that of a single-mode fiber is up to 30,000 meters.

The numerous types of OPV2000 products can meet different user demands. Adopting advanced digital fiber-optic transmission technologies, OPV devices can be installed rapidly without customer adjusting, and they are easy to operate and maintain. Compared with the same kind of analog transmission systems that employ accidental amplitude or frequency modulation, OPV2000 products provide better transmission in quality.

On the front panel of the products are set video connector (BNC), audio and data connector (RJ-45), and fiber-optic connector (FC-single-mode or ST-multimode). Indicator lights allow users to easily monitor the status of power supply, connection, and channels. There are two types of OPV2000 available: standalone and card-cage packaging.

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