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Optocore Introduces a Mini YGDAI Card for Yamaha Products

Oct 11, 2006 4:18 PM

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Optocore announces the AES Expo launch of its Y series network modules designed for use in all Yamaha digital consoles. The Y series modules are designed to fit into YGDAI Mini slots on the rear of the consoles or in the DIO8 for the PM1D.

Optocore’s YG2/YS2 modules bring the pioneers of digital sound processing and the pioneers of audio networking together. Up to 64 audio inputs and 64 audio outputs per YG2 module can be transmitted to and from any Yamaha device, while multiple modules can provide up to 512 audio channels per Optocore network ring on a single fiber pair. The Optocore protocol is the same found in all Optocore-branded products as well as other manufacturers’ devices equipped with an Optocore connection.

The YG2 includes a full 10/100Mb Virtual Ethernet Switch to form a single large standard Ethernet switch embedded in Optocore devices for plug-and- play Ethernet usage. Remote control of Yamaha or Optocore mic pres and A/D converters directly from the console work surface is also possible as the Optocore protocol transports the necessary data with no additional hardware or interface. The YG2 main module has full access to all 16 inputs and 16 outputs of a mini YGDAI slot.

Each YS2 sub module connects an additional 16 channels of I/O to and from the YG2 module via Cat-5 cables, up to the full 64 I/O channel complement.

“This is a very exciting time for Optocore,” says Marc Brunke, president and chief design engineer of Optocore. “We are pleased that Optocore can work so closely together with Yamaha. The development of these Y series modules allows us to bring fiber directly to the mixing console, saving time, valuable rack space, and money.”

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