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Liberty AV EZ-Flex Turret

Oct 18, 2010 10:10 PM

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Liberty AV EZ-Flex Turret

Liberty AV EZ-Flex Turret

Liberty AV's EduLinx system is now set for use with an enhanced interface called the EZ-Flex Turret. Employing a high-grade, 26 AWG rotatable design offering more stability while causing less stress on the cabling and connections, the articulating connector is fully self-contained and began shipping in late October. More compact and significantly easier to install, the EZ-Flex Turret makes the task of tying all of your cable runs into a standard wall box less time-consuming and more efficient, while eliminating the stress and failures associated with the sharp bends often resulting with the use of traditional connectors. As versatile as it is economical, this latest improvement to the EduLinx product group retains potential for customization as well, bringing new levels of possibility to classrooms using desktop and laptop computers, DVD and VCR players, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, projectors, and just about any other type of equipment you can think of. Price: NA

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