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New Cable System from Kramer

Oct 11, 2006 4:51 PM

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Kramer’s new all-fiber DVI cable system is designed to transmit DVI-D signals across extremely long distances with pristine digital image quality.

A Kramer C-AFDM/AFDM has converters built into DVI-D connectors on both ends of the cable. The transmitter (connected to the source) converts DVI into fiber-optic light pulses that allow it to travel much further than via traditional copper-based systems. The receiver converts back to DVI-D for connection to a display or other receiving device.

The C-AFDM/AFDM transmits both the graphic signal and display information (DDC/HDCP) over optic fiber, thus overcoming the limit of using copper cables for DDC, making it possible to transmit DVI-D signals up to 1,640ft.

The unique Kramer optical all-fiber DVI cable is ideal for:

  • Integration of digital display systems for medical, military aerospace, factory automation and traffic control platforms
  • Flatpanel display, plasma display panel, and projector installation in conference rooms, auditoriums, and for kiosk systems
  • LED signboards for large-scale information display and stadiums
  • Home theater systems.

    In addition, the C-AFDM/AFDM:

  • Features a bandwidth of 1.65Gbps for each channel
  • Supports all VESA resolutions up to WUXGA (1,920x1,200), at 60Hz refresh rate with 1 pixel/clock mode
  • Has eight fiber strands: four for DDC/HDCP interconnection and four for red, green, and blue, and clock transmission
  • Extends up to 1,640ft.
  • Does not emit any cable electromagnetic interference or emission, making it suitable for any medical or other EMI-sensitive environment
  • Can use either DC power from the graphic card or AC/DC power from an external +5V adapter
  • Requires no software installation.

  • Acceptable Use Policy
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