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Kaltman Creations Offers New Cable Slap Ties For Quick Cable Management

Jul 11, 2007 8:00 AM

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Kaltman Creations has added to its patent-pending Cable Slap Tie product line. The Cable Slap Tie represents a more efficient, convenient, and economical method of securing cables. Cable Slap Ties are made of a strip of thin spring metal sealed in a reflective vinyl jacket that wraps around a cable bundle in a millisecond.

According to Ray Esparolini, director of sales and marketing for Kaltman, “The addition of the new blue Cable Slap Tie came from market demand where end users needed a Slap Tie for larger cable bundles in the 50ft.-to-100ft. microphone cable size and for shorter-length, heavier-duty cables. We have also redesigned the current red, yellow, and green Cable Slap Ties to wrap tighter around smaller cable bundles in the 10ft.-to-40ft. microphone cable length.”

Though the company uses microphone cable sizes as a reference, the Cable Slap Ties will work with all types of audio/video cable such as speaker, coax, Cat-5, DMX, and fiber-optic cable, as well as rope and cord.

“It is important to understand that the Cable Slap Tie is an entirely new concept in managing coiled cables,” Esparolini says. “The Slap Tie goes on in a millisecond and can be pulled off nearly as fast, yet keeps cables organized for storage. Operations looking for the fastest, yet organized way to manage cables now have what they’ve been looking for—the Cable Slap Tie.”

Cable Slap Ties can be used manually by simply “slapping” one onto a coiled cable, or can be used in conjunction with the Kaltman Cable Coiler for a total cable management system that’s many times faster than traditional methods. Cable Slap Ties are sold in packages of 21 ties in assorted colors or 21 blue only. Custom-imprinted Cable Slap Ties are also available for private labeling.

Cable Slap Ties are currently being used by musicians and bands, touring, event production and rental companies, remote broadcasters, churches, clubs, and theaters.

For more information on Cable Slap Ties and to see a video of them in action, visit

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