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Magenta Adds to MultiView Series Cat-5 Applications with New Product Line 

Avocent Emerge WMS1000 
By Jeff Sauer
In last month's Sound & Video Contractor I reviewed ViewSonic's Media Gateway WMG120 and Media Adapter WMA100. That combination sends video and audio...

Liberty Wire & Cable Introduces Products for Solving Digital Installation Challenges 

TV One Cat-5 VGA Extenders Send Signals Long Distance 

Cat-5 VGA Extenders From TV One Send Signals More Than 1,180 Feet 

Sending VGA signals over long distances via standard Cat-5 cable has been made fast, easy, and affordable thanks to Cat-5 VGA extenders just added to TV One's TV One-task product group. Comprising both a transmitter and receiver, the model 1T-VGA-CAT system is capable of encoding and decoding VGA signals with resolutions of up to 1280x1024 into a bitstream for remote viewing using a single Cat-5 cable. With the ability to travel distances of up to 590ft., a single transmitter/receiver combination can be used to provide an image to a single VGA monitor or projector. ...

What's New:
AV Technology

Tributaries' Silver series HDMI cables feature high-conductivity OFHC copper signal conductors, which are silver-plated to provide a low-loss path for the digital signal and protection against copper oxidation...

MuxLab Extends VGA over Cat-5 

MuxLab, designer and manufacturer of security video and AV connectivity solutions for copper twisted pair, announced its latest addition to its AV connectivity portfolio: the Active VGA Balun Kit (500035, 500036)....

Technology Showcase: Fiber-Optic Audio Snakes 
By Bruce Borgerson
Fiber-optic audio snakes appeared with great fanfare in the late 1980s, carrying with them high hopes for quickly supplanting passive copper snakes across the full spectrum of applications. Alas, to the consternation of the companies...

Avocent Launches Emerge Family of Professional AV Products 

Avocent has announced its Emerge media management solutions line of professional AV products. The line consists of the WMS1000 wireless media streamer, the MS1000P Cat5 point-to-point video extender, and the MS1000MP Cat5 point-to-multipoint video extender. The LongView Wireless extension products and the AMX AV switching and broadcasting products also will be included in the AV product suite. "Our KVM and wireless capabilities make the move to professional AV products a natural progression for Avocent," says Matt Nelson, director of strategic business, Avocent Wireless Technology. ...

What's New: AV Technology 

Wall Cabinet Lowell The new L83-5S tilt-out wall cabinet measures 24"32" and mounts to the wall with a 6in.-deep projection for vertical surface installation. The unit features gas-lift cylinders for smooth...

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