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What's New:
AV Technology
By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey
Gepco's RGB62 and RGB644 series hybrid component video cables are designed for commercial AV applications that require the distribution of high-resolution component video...

BCI Debuts New Data Transport Product 

Broadata Communications'4700 series transports RGBHV (SXGA: 1280x1024 at 60Hz+) or component video (YPbPr/YUV), transmitted at HD resolutions (720p, 1080i, 1080p) with built-in stereo audio support over a single fiber....

Crestron iMedia Now Available With Video  

Expanding on their revolutionary QuickMedia (QM) Transport technology, Crestron recently introduced iMedia (IM) for simple, PC-only room applications. ...

Technology Showcase:
Digital Signage Hardware
By Jay Ankeney
In our post-literate world, people are accustomed to getting their input from flashy and eye-catching...

What's New: Audio Technology 
By Laura Dixon
Martin Audio unveiled a new range of LE monitors: the LE1200, LE1500, and LE2100. The LE2100 three-way stage monitor offers very high power for use in large-stage...

What's New:
AV Technology
By Laura Dixon
Communications Specialties' Pure Digital Fiberlink 7250 series transmits RGB resolutions up to UXGA and stereo audio over two single-mode...

NSCA 2006 Recap 

As the systems contractors’ show, NSCA certainly showcases plenty in the way of audio and video gear, but there’s also a ton of supporting technology that doesn’t offer the immediate flash of a loudspeaker or a 60in. plasma...

New Component Audio DA from Gefen  

For system testing, AV production, and presentation venues, the Gefen 1x3 Component Audio Distribution Amplifier offers an easy method...

Hall Model SKU-RGB Compact RGB Skew Corrector 

Hall Research announces the addition of the Model SKU-RGB to its video over UTP product line. This compact device can be used to correct horizontal misalignment (or skew) between the red, green, and blue video components that inevitably occurs in the transmission of high-resolution video over Cat-5/5e/6 cables....

What’s New:
AV Technology
By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey
Comprehensive's XHD eXtreme high-definition cables and accessories are designed to provide high-resolution video performance for HDTV and high-definition...

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