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Eyevis Display System Monitors Emergency Services

Sep 23, 2006 7:22 PM

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The increase in terrorism over the last several years has led the city of Madrid to invest in its security installation and services. In order to coordinate the services of the fire department, police department, and Samur (service of ambulances and urgencies) more effectively and to achieve a quicker intervention time, the city of Madrid decided to build a new control center.

A few months ago, Floria Group completed the installation for the Community of Madrid. The Center of Emergencies of Madrid (CISEM) brings together firemen, police, and Samur in a unique control room, allowing them to combine their resources and coordinate all the inputs from the European emergency phone 112.

The Floria Group undertook all the functional and aesthetic aspects of the control room design and the integration of technology and services that were required for this operation. After an analysis of needs and objectives, the project culminated in a control room with increased capacity to serve a large number of users, greater useful surface, and space planning of functional areas. An operative isolation was achieved, eliminating acoustic contamination. Floria Group designed and executed all the necessary aspects—including noise reduction coatings, illumination, compartmentalized areas, and efficient use of technical furniture— to obtain an atmosphere of optimal work with a high degree of aesthetic.

Fiber connections link video outputs to the center’s large display screens. One of the most relevant areas in the control room was the eyevis display system integrated by Floria Group in close collaboration with the manufacturer. A videowall was formed using 44 eyevis EC-67-XC-DL rear-projection cubes in an 11x4 configuration.

This great screen (measuring 50’x13’) allows the monitoring of existing material and human resources in all the Municipal Firemen Stations, as well as a just-in-time listing of the interventions in course. Another area of the eyevis videowall displays the situation of the events and also the real situation of the vehicles that are taking part on it, by means of GPS technology.

This representation is made over a digital picture of the Municipality of Madrid or over a layer of street guide, including additional information on a digital photograph of the Municipality of Madrid or on a layer of street guide in which it has additional information on the constructions and avenues.

Video images coming from the traffic cameras can also be displayed. The whole system is managed from a single computer that incorporates the most modern processors. The system is able to detect a failure in any of its components and to pass the control to a backup system. The redundancy of the system is not only for the equipment: A true replica of the eyevis videowall exists on another physical backup videowall.

Equipment List:
ECS900R control server
Netpix controllers with 44 outputs as redundancy
44 eyevis EC-67-XC-DL in 67in. cubes with dual lamp and double input
.5 mile of optical fiber wiring from the outputs of graphical cards to the cubes
800ft. of control wiring

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