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Draka Comteq Announces BendBright Fiber for FTTx Applications

Sep 27, 2006 8:00 AM

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Draka Comteq, provider of optical fiber and cabling, has introduced BendBright, a single-mode fiber optimized for fiber access to homes and businesses. By providing what the company claims is unprecedented bend performance, BendBright simplifies the deployment of reliable cost-effective fiber networks while providing full compatibility with existing single-mode fibers and ITU G.652D-compliant performance.

Network operators deploying a variety of Fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) architectures can leverage lower labor costs and smaller footprints to reduce both the initial installed cost and total cost of ownership. BendBright can be coiled in a .6in. radius loop—inducing only a 0.002dB/turn loss at 1550nm and 0.01dB/turn at 1625nm. The relaxed restriction on fiber routing enables smaller enclosures, pedestals, and terminals while improving network reliability.

"BendBright is specially designed to capture light and keep it in the core—making easy work of bending, connecting, and storing fibers," notes Gerard Kuyt, product manager for Draka Comteq Optical Fibre.

Draka Comteq reports that BendBright also provides dramatic protection against accidental bends and small-diameter kinks that can cause transmission error or loss of traffic, a growing issue with the increasing use of inherently more bend-sensitive C- and L-wavelength bands.

"Fiber handling like copper wire—this is what's needed to simplify widespread deployment where there are lots of hands," reports Allen Griser, vice president of marketing for Draka Comteq in North America. "It's just one more way we are making life easier for our customers in their real world."

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