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CTDI Introduces New Line of Fiber-Optic Cable Assemblies

Feb 28, 2007 8:00 AM

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Communications Test Design (CTDI), independent global provider of telecommunications repair and logistics services, recently added a complete line of customized fiber-optic cable assemblies to its product portfolio.

Designed to provide maximum flexibility, full customization, competitive pricing, and customer-friendly ordering, the CTDI fiber-optic line is suitable for any application requiring durable, high-quality, and reliable cabling, say company representatives.

Assemblies are currently available in simplex, duplex, and up to 24-pair fan-out construction with SC, LC, and ST connector options. They are constructed using single-mode or multimode fiber. Hybrid connection and custom-length assemblies, priced up to 10 percent lower than competitive products, are also available, according to the company. All products meet Telecodia GR-326 compliance standards and undergo rigorous inhouse testing to ensure quality.

"CTDI has become a one-stop telecommunications solution by leading and listening to our customers needs," says Brian Parsons, director of CTDI's Products Division. "The goal with the new fiber-optic line is to answer the challenges facing our customers and network engineers, and to provide high-performance cables that are priced competitively, easy to order, and can be delivered in short production times," he says. "With many of our customers in the middle of aggressive FTTP rollouts, they can be assured that CTDI will provide a quality fiber-optic cable product, delivered on time, and with their best-cost objectives met."

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