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Cables and Connectors Technology Showcase

May 31, 2011 8:21 AM, by Bennett Liles

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Switchcraft HDMI connectors

Switchcraft HDMI connectors

A bedrock name in the connector business, Switchcraft markets a huge range of connector and adapter products including analog and digital audio and video, data, power, and control. Also offered are harsh environment connectors including the Micro-Con-X, EN-3 series , and the Mega-Con-X multi-pin selections. Newer additions include the EH series panel-mount connectors. Switchcraft’s HDMI feed-through connector comes in nickel or black finish and features a grounding mechanism, making it simple to connect or isolate chassis ground. All EH series connectors are built into a standard XLR housing.

Originally designed for Disney theme parks but now catching the attention of consultants and engineers for other line-array speaker applications as well, the West Penn Wire WP128P has eight pairs of 12 AWG stranded copper conductors and an overall PVC jacket. Indoor applications include intercom, security, sound, and power limited-control circuits.

The newest member of the Medusa series of audio snakes from Whirlwind, the Medusa Data Snake adds two lines of certified Cat-6 twisted pair to the standard multi-pair audio lines and features protective SnakeSkin on the fanouts. Available in a variety of lengths, the snake features metal chassis mount XLRs, Neutrik Ethercon inline and chassis connectors, and a Pig Bag to protect the fanouts in storage. Each audio pair contains two twisted 24GA 7x32 polyethylene insulated conductors with 100 percent foil shield and 24GA drain wire.

Wireworks MCat524

Wireworks MCat524

To reduce wear and tear on equipment connectors, Wireworks has introduced the MCat524 multichannel multipin-disconnect Cat-5e cable, which provides a breakout of six or 12 RJ-45 connections from the single rugged Wireworks G-Block connector. To reduce EMI, the main cable consists of double-jacketed conductors with a separating foil shield. The truck cable is available in lengths up to 250ft., and the breakouts have color-coded boots on all twisted-pair tails.

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