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Cables and Connectors

Dec 27, 2013 11:39 AM, By Mike McIntyre, CTS-D, EST-L2+

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If you have ever wondered what the most important part of any integrated AV system is, I have that answer for you: All of it! However, you can’t have a high-performance system with anything less than high-quality cabling and connectors. From our old established friends such as XLR and 3.5mm stereo cables to a maturing HDMI and DisplayPort world, we all depend on these components to get the full functionality out of the devices to which they are connected. In this showcase, we will take a look at some of the best of those aforementioned components along with bulk cabling and connectors.

Archtech Electronics NXGEN 2.0

Archtech Electronics NXGEN 2.0

New from Archtech Electronics Corp. are NXGEN 2.0 twist-lock, quick-connect AV cables. Capable of self-securing to prevent accidental disconnects with the addition of a twist lock, NXGEN uses a small-form MD9 connector profile that can fit into spaces as small as a 0.6in. conduit, and supports up to UXGA quality audio and video all within one jacket. It remains just as flexible as its predecessor by covering a wide range of AV connectors, and is available in CMR and CMP jackets for all installation requirements.

All of Atlas Sound’s HDMI cables, including the AS2HDMI-15M, feature Accu-Grain, oxygen-free copper conductors to ensure a high level of signal transfer without interference. Accu-Grain refers to the gauge of the wire and is how the full-diameter AWG copper inside can be guaranteed. The Polyflex outer jacket design is such to create flexibility no matter the thickness of the cable. It is shielded to protect against outside electrical field interference from power sources and other electronics. All Atlas RCA cables feature custom-molded, sure-grip mini connectors, Polyflex outer jackets and Accu-Grain, and multi-strand OFC copper conductors.

If you are looking for HDMI cables for plenum spaces, consider Atlona’s LinkConnect These second-generation cables use 24 AWG copper for high bandwidth and are in 50ft. and 75ft. versions that use chip technology to eliminate speckles and dropouts. Other features include 4.95Gbps, video resolutions up to 1080p @ 60Hz, 3D, all audio formats, VESA resolutions up to 1900x1200 @ 60Hz, 16-bit deep color (48-bit RGB), uncompressed audio, 24 AWG stranded, tinned copper conductor, triple-shielded to block out external interference for better performance, 24k gold-plated tight fit connectors, and Black Kynar jacket. They all carry a lifetime warranty.

Audio-Technica AT8314

Audio-Technica AT8314

Audio-Technica’s AT8314 series premium microphone cables feature heavy-duty, 24-gauge stranded copper conductors and professional Neutrik connectors. Each conductor uses an individual spiral shield inside the molded insulating sheath and a conductive PVC layer inside each shield dissipates static buildup during flexing. They are available in lengths ranging from 1.5ft. to 100ft. Dual copper outer shields and twin conductive PVC inner shields protect cable signal quality with 100-percent coverage. These cables have extra flexibility and low memory for ease of use and storage.

Belden’s THOR-HE-HDMI HDMI extender is capable of transmitting fully uncompressed HDMI 1080p and 3D video signals. Features include HDBaseT technology and its 5Play feature set that is a convergence of uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power-over-cable, and various control signals. It supports Infrared (IR) remote passthrough function to control HDMI source devices (set-top box, DVD player and Blu-ray DVD player) in receiver by its IR remote controller.

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