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Broadata Communications Unveils 1800 Series to Construct Do-It-Yourself Optical Switches

Apr 25, 2007 8:00 AM

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Broadata Communications (BCI) introduces a new 1800 Series that can turn an electrical NxN matrix switch into an optical matrix switch using optical-electrical and electrical-optical (OE and EO) conversion. The 1800 model is a high-performance fiber-optic serial digital data converter system, specifically designed to convert serial digital optical signals into serial digital electrical signals, and vice versa. As a result, the 1800 Series provides protocol-independent digital OE and EO signal conversion to transform copper-based NxN matrix electrical switches into fiber-based optical switches.

Electrical NxN matrix switches are widespread and low cost in today's data and video transmission market, however, optical switches are very expensive and very limited in matrix array size and functionality. These problems are fully addressed by integrating 1800's innovative OE and EO conversions with existing electrical NxN matrix switches. In other words, one can add the 1800 product with an existing electrical NxN matrix switch and transform the electrical switch into an optical switch. With this unique approach, one can maintain the vast choice of matrix array size and functionality in an electrical switch, but only pay a fraction of the cost associated with today's limited choices of optical switches and their expensive price tags.

Broadata Communications (BCI) develops, manufactures, and markets leading-edge, fiber-optic, multimedia communication products. The company's patented products include audio, video, and data delivery over optical fiber for advanced multimedia, broadcast, and network transmission applications. BCI's multimedia platforms enable users to implement multiple applications, which would conventionally require multiple optical transceivers and fiber links over a unified platform, with only a single optical link.

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