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Apogee Photonics Introduces Standardized Platform for Optical Transceiver Development

Jan 10, 2007 12:57 PM

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Apogee Photonics has announced a single-platform approach for creating 10Gbps transceivers based on its 1310nm and 1550nm laser sources. Customers now can manufacture new transceiver products for a range of optical network applications with one platform, greatly reducing development and qualification design cycles and offering faster time to market, according to company representatives.

The combined 1310nm and 1550nm platform architecture allows Apogee Photonics’ customers—module and OEM manufacturers—to adopt a standardized platform to serve multiple 10Gbps transceiver interfaces (such as LR, SR1, IR1, ER, IR2, and LR2) with a single XFP board and case. Transceiver-level design choices related to receptacles, flex guides, output pinning, and driving only need to be done once with Apogee Photonics' platform.

The platform greatly reduces the risks associated with new transceiver introductions and provides development cost savings, decreasing the separate qualification cycles of each new product.

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