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Cat-5 VGA Extenders From TV One Send Signals More Than 1,180 Feet

Nov 3, 2005 8:00 AM

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TV One's One-task product group makes sending VGA signals over long distances via standard Cat-5 cable fast, easy, and affordable.

Sending VGA signals over long distances via standard Cat-5 cable has been made fast, easy, and affordable thanks to Cat-5 VGA extenders just added to TV One's One-task product group.

Comprising both a transmitter and receiver, the model 1T-VGA-CAT system is capable of encoding and decoding VGA signals with resolutions of up to 1280x1024 into a bitstream for remote viewing using a single Cat-5 cable. With the ability to travel distances of up to 590ft., a single transmitter/receiver combination can be used to provide an image to a single VGA monitor or projector.

Incorporating all of the features of the model 1T-VGA-CAT system, the TV One-task model 1T-VGA-CAT-XL doubles the range of operation to 1,180ft. and offers a transmitter outfitted with VGA loop-thru. For applications requiring multiple displays, the product group's model 1T-VGA4-CAT-TXL and model 1T-VGA8-CAT-TXL transmitters are built to handle the encoding of VGA signals with a resolution of up to 1280x1024, and feed four and eight Cat-5 cables, respectively, over distances of 1,180ft. VGA loop-thru is provided with these units as well.

Designed expressly for use with the 1T-VGA4-CAT-TXL and 1T-VGA8-CAT-TXL transmitters, the model 1T-VGA-CAT-RXL receiver — just like all other receivers within the TV One-task Cat-5 VGA extender family — is equipped with its own equalization and gain controls. A dedicated 1T-VGA-CAT RXL receiver is required for each VGA display device used in a given system.

Suggested retail prices for TV One's TV One-task CAT 5 VGA extenders are $295 (1T-VGA-CAT), $395 (1T-VGA-CAT-XL), $265 (1T-VGA4-CAT-TXL), $345 (1T-VGA8-CAT-TXL), and $245 (1T-VGA-CAT-RXL).

To correct for R-G-B delay problems commonly associated with long-distance Cat-5 cable runs of more than 250ft., TV One also offers the model 1T-RGB-DELAY skew corrector, which lists for $295 and combats skewing that causes RGB images to be overlaid improperly. Placed between the host device and the Cat-5 transmitter, the unit can be used to delay individual RGB signals as needed to bring the total image back into proper registration at the remote location. Once all adjustments are finalized, they can then be locked out to keep tampering hands at bay and avoid accidental changes.

For more information on TV One's Cat-5 VGA extenders, visit

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