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Understanding EN 54 

What is EN 54? European standard 54 specifies the requirements for all parts of fire alarm systems. ...

Staying Traditional at St. Joseph Cathedral, Part 2 
With Bennett Liles
Cathedrals are built to sound big, but the pastor’s message has to be heard clearly....

Fiber Fundamentals 
By Bennett Liles
So many forces are driving the fiber market up that its rapid rise threatens to outpace the general understanding of its basic workings on the part of...

Smart Analog 
By Steven Swift
How do you cost-justify a complete remodeling of a federal facility in these days of trilliondollar deficits? You count your pennies and make sure every penny you spend gives you two cents worth of value. ...

Case Study: AV Distribution for Private Mega Yacht 

When the owners of a 115-meter private yacht decided to refit their AV/IT network for HD content, they were already well on their way. ...

AV/IT Expertise: Programming Readiness 
By Patrick Barron
An often-asked question is: “Is the site ready?...

Stocking Stuffers for AV Professionals 
By George Petersen
Some gift ideas for AV contractors....

Behind the Scenes with Stage Tec: Producing Live Multisite Operas, Part 2 
With Bennett Liles
Taking opera to the streets, Stage Tec and Swiss TV took up the challenge with Aida on the Rhine and Christian Fuchs of Stage Tec was right in the middle of the production manning an RS digital mixing console....

Crisis Management 
By Cynthia Wisehart
On a good day, the room is empty. On a bad day, the 7500-square-foot Main Coordination Room (MCR) of the City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the epicenter of public safety....

Emergency Operations Center: CATV Headend 
By Cynthia Wisehart
The extensive CATV system behind the Emergency Operations Center....

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