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The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Monmouth University, West Long Branch, N.J.  
By Jessaca Gutierrez
Wi-Fi technology has been around for years, but recently, the costs for the technology have come down, spurring a growth in the wireless arena. Suddenly...

Installation Profile: Aesthetic Connections  
By Dan Daley
When you first encounter the new Hearst Tower, located on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, there is an urge to climb it. The diagrid exterior of the new headquarters...

Intelligent Buildings 
By Michael Goldman
This month's cover story from Dan Daley about the massive IT networking infrastructure expertly woven into Manhattan's Hearst Tower is particularly apropos...

New Light Sources May Drive POF Growth 

Plastic optical fiber (POF) has gained attention as a low-cost, easy-to-use alternative to more complex and expensive glass fiber...

Installation Viewpoint:
Retail Signage Primer
By Ronald I. Gross
Digital signage networks in-store flatscreen displays have arrived. A new advertising medium is born. What does this mean to you if you are an installer or an integrator, or if you're looking for someone to handle the installation and management of one of these systems?...

Plastic an Option for Fiber-Based AV Installs? 

Looking for a data transport system that offers the advantages of optical fiber without the cost and complexity of glass fiber installs, AV systems integrators are paying more attention to plastic optical fiber, or POF. For short runs, in particular, POF is gaining ground as a convenient and economical alternative to glass...

CES Show Highlights Importance of Fiber Links 
By John McKeon
The spread of fiber networks, and their potential impact on both consumers and business multimedia users, were among the ongoing themes of the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas...

Monster Cable Products Announces Partnership with Online Brand Protection Company Net Enforcers 

Monster Cable Products is proud to announce it has retained the services of Net Enforcers to monitor sales of its products over the Internet. Net Enforcers is an industry leader in comprehensive online brand protection services...

Will New Cables Make Global Bandwidth a Given? 

It appears the great advances of the early 21st century will depend on a somewhat more ambiguous commodity: bandwidth. Fiber-optic cables spanning the globe are helping to guarantee the latest revolution never runs out of fuel....

Installation Profile: Investing in HD 
By Jack Kontney
Faced with an aging infrastructure and staring at the high-definition future of broadcasting, Crystal Cathedral Ministries (CCM) recently decided the time had come to invest in the future by upgrading to HD for production on The Hour of Power...

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