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Church Concert 
By Joy Zaccaria
After consolidating into a new church, the it was time to upgrade the AV technology to a concert-level experience....

Network Misconceptions 
By Kevin Gross
Understanding the IT point of view requires addressing common misconceptions the AV community may hold toward IT and vice versa....

Stony Brook Arena AV Renovation  
With Bennett Liles
A multimillion-dollar renovation of Stony Brook University’s Stony Brook Arena called for a complete rebuild of the power system and Advance Sound Company of Farmingdale, N.Y., was called in for the work. ...

InfoComm 2014: Fiber Optic Association’s Jim Hayes 
With Bennett Liles
When you hit the tradeshow floor and you aim to talk fiber optics and see the all the new fiber-related equipment you may want to get yourself in gear on the latest fiber technology. ...

Wi-Fi World 
By Tim Kridel
For many AV integrators, stadiums and arenas are familiar territory. If that’s you, expect to see a lot more Wi-Fi on those job sites—both as an enabler for AV applications and a potential new professional services offering for your company. ...

Do You Belong in AV/IT? 
By Cynthia Wisehart | Posted by Jessaca Gutierrez
Figuring out where you fit in the landscape of media networks, unified communication, collaboration, and campus- or enterprise-wide systems may be a technical question as much as a business question. ...

Fiber-optic Technology: Where is it Heading, Part 2 
With Bennett Liles
It’s all going to fiber and the Fiber Optic Association is paving the way by educating the fiber work force in installation and testing. ...

Fiber-optic Technology: Where is it Heading, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
Fiber-optic technology is advancing every day, but how is the fiber workforce coming along?...

RF + Cat 
By Dick Snyder
Commercial applications that use multiple televisions and display devices are an optimal environment for the convergence of RF commercial television signals with Internet-based digital information. ...

Clear-Com at the San Diego Opera, Part 1 
With Bennett Liles
When the San Diego Opera is doing a show, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than most people are aware of. Dozens of crew technicians have to be in realtime communication and a new Clear-Com system is getting the job done....

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