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Tightrope Media Systems Releases New Digital Signage Player

Oct 12, 2007 12:00 PM

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Tightrope Media Systems has begun shipping the Carousel Solo 210 Digital Signage Player. About the size of a paperback book at 6.5”x6.2”x1.9”, Carousel Solo brings a new level of capability and price to the web-enabled digital signage market. A complete package with both hardware and software, Carousel Solo features the ability to act as a low-cost, standalone digital signage system or as part of a larger digital signage framework. It features a multizone display, a “zero training” web-based user interface, ultra quiet technology, high-definition output, and the ability to play out a wide variety of video formats such as MPEG-2, Windows Media, Adobe Flash, QuickTime, and H.264, either full screen or in a window or zone. The Solo 210 also plays live video from either the internet, or with an optional add-on, from a live video feed such as cable television or a video production switcher.

According to Tightrope Media Systems Co-Founder Andrew Starks, the Carousel Solo 210 is perfect for use by any organization that needs a full-featured digital signage system which can be used by anybody in the organization. “Carousel has what we refer to as a 'zero-training' user interface,” Starks says. “You can get as sophisticated as you wish with a powerful set of content creation tools, but the Solo 210 comes with dozens of templates and also with scheduling intelligence built in, so an organization can utilize Carousel without hiring specialized staff.”

The Solo 210 also features an Emergency Messaging capability, so all programming can be overridden with an emergency message screen from any location with an internet connection.

The Carousel Solo 210 also works in conjunction with the Carousel Pro or the Carousel Enterprise servers as part of a larger digital signage network that can scale into the hundreds. “The network version of the Carousel Solo 210 is called the Carousel Player 210,” says company CEO JJ Parker. “A company can share content among multiple displays, or create and distribute unique content for each display. If at any time the player loses contact with the network server, it just continues on with its schedule”.

Parker also points out that the Carousel Solo can be fully integrated with event management software such as Dean Evans, Resource25, and ADAstra. The Carousel Solo 210 lists for $2,950. The Carousel Player 210 lists for $2,250

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