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QSC Offers Latest System-wide Design Software

May 15, 2007 12:00 PM

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Providing system-wide design, control, and monitoring functions within an advanced feature set built expressly for the platform, QSC's Venue Manager version 3 will be make its first official industry appearance at this year's InfoComm.

Offering access to the realtime parameters of every device on a network, Venue Manager version 3 gives users the opportunity to monitor and build a log of system events, thereby making it easier to identify potential problems and stop them before they occur. New features found within Venue Manager version 3 include both design and live modes of operation, the ability to design and view an entire system without the need for hardware, and update functions in either mode that can be used to establish new network-wide settings with a single mouse click. An Auto-Discovery feature is also provided that reveals every BASIS processing device on a network, saving users from the hassle of ever having to enter a BASIS IP address again.

Global presets established within Venue Manager version 3 can house any number of parameters from one to all, and additionally have the power to be recalled from Omni inputs of any device within an application.

A dedicated Masters section found within Venue Manager version 3 can be utilized to build a template of master control for an entire system. Conversely, a single master can access any number of similar slaves from an unlimited number of devices.

As further complement, QSCreator is also hosted within the new Venue Manager package. Drawing upon the resources afforded by an extensive library of faders, knobs, buttons, meters, indicators, graphics, and more, QSCreator is a tool that can be used to build custom control screens, or even run on its own without Venue Manager for live applications. Within QSCreator, users can display any Venue Manager parameter as required.

Once a template of system control has been developed, QSCreator can be established as the only piece of software required for system operations-a fact that serves nicely as a safeguard against the possibility of making accidental adjustments or unauthorized tampering.

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