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Mersive Technologies Launches Academic Partner Program

Aug 15, 2007 12:00 PM

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Mersive Technologies of Lexington, Ky., an emerging display technology company, announced the creation of the Mersive Academic Partner Program [MAPP]. The new program is designed to provide select colleges, universities, and research facilities with cost-effective technology that can be used for creating ultra-definition displays. Defined as having greater resolution than high definition (HD), ultra-definition display devices support hundreds of millions of pixels of resolution and enable a variety of innovative uses.

As part of the MAPP program, Mersive will offer its Sol Server technology and Sol Realtime API, which enable users to produce multi-projector seamless displays of almost any size, shape, and resolution. These ultra definition displays are achieved by clustering an unlimited number of commercial off-the-shelf projectors. The Mersive Sol Server calibrates the projectors into a single, unified pixel palette. Sol Realtime API allows for 3D graphics application integration. With the announcement of this initiative, Mersive and its partners plan to set a new standard for small footprint, ultra resolution engineering displays at an unprecedented cost per pixel.

MAPP participants will be able to purchase the Mersive Sol Server and an unlimited number of per-channel software licenses at a greatly reduced fee.

"Mersive's goal is to enable its academic partners to create unprecedented ultra definition displays for use in various fields of research and study," says Dr. Christopher Jaynes, Mersive CTO and former director of research at the University of Kentucky Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments. "By eliminating the per-channel license fees for MAPP participants, we are encouraging partners to dream big and build the next generation of multiprojector displays. All we ask in return is that participants share the knowledge with their colleagues and the rest of the world through the MAPP wiki website at"

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