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Biamp Launches Paging System

Sep 5, 2007 12:00 PM

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Biamp has launched its entrance into the paging market with the instroduction of the Biamp Paging System. With AudiaFlex at its core, the Biamp Paging System includes the new Networked Paging Station-1, an innovative input interface and a plug-and-play front-end control that dramatically cuts costs and installation time while providing paging systems in stadiums, convention centers, shopping malls, and other facilities with pure and natural Biamp sound that is true to life.

The network-friendly architecture of the new Biamp Paging System makes installation extremely intuitive. While legacy audio networks required the installation of separate systems to support audio, paging and videoconferencing, the Biamp Paging System allows integrators to take advantage of the powerful AudiaFlex chassis to create a single network for all audio requirements. The Biamp Paging System eliminates the need for duplicate systems, cutting costs and providing improved flexibility for future system expansion. The single system approach also simplifies servicing as well as user control.

In addition, Biamp’s Audia software will include two new programming blocks for paging features that make the stations easy to install and sync. The Page Zone Router block allows for creation and storage of page-zone groups with flexible chimes and levels of priority. The NPS-1 block allows you to define the number of page-zones groups each station can access.

The Networked Paging Station-1 is ideal for use in facilities where clear audio is paramount. Its network functionality allows it to seamlessly integrate with existing AudiaFlex networks and quickly route pages, even in the most complex, zoned networks. Each station receives control and audio data as well as power via a single Ethernet connection.

“In our ongoing efforts to provide our distributor and integrator partners with powerful audio solutions, we’ve developed a full-featured, single-cable paging solution that we feel is ideal for today’s modern facility,” says Steve Metzger, business development director, Biamp Systems. “The Networked Paging Station-1 is a CobraNet-based microphone console with an innovative user interface and sophisticated front-end control for AudiaFlex.”

Design ergonomics is another prominent feature of the Networked Paging Station-1. With an easy-to-read LCD display and scroll-wheel interface similar to popular MP3 players, users can quickly switch between pre-assigned paging groups and zones. The sleek, sophisticated design of the new paging station also makes it aesthetically pleasing in installations where stations are visible to the general public.

“The network functionality of the Networked Paging Station-1 is a stark contrast to traditional paging stations that rely on analog switching and audio transmission,” says Graeme Harrison, vice president of international sales, Biamp. “Because they connect seamlessly with existing AudiaFlex networks, these new stations give our distributor partners a distinct advantage when creating full featured paging systems.”

Available in late summer, the Networked Paging Station-1 is fully RoHS compliant and CE marked.

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