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What's New: AV Technology

Dec 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

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The Extron Electronics MTPX Plus series twisted-pair matrix switchers feature dynamic skew compensation, RS-232 control signal insertion, local audio/video inputs and outputs, and level and peaking compensation. Available in six fixed I/O sizes from 8×16 to 32×32, the switchers are capable of routing high-resolution video and audio signals 1000ft. or more over Cat-5, Cat-5e, or Cat-6 UTP cable. They work with the new Extron MTP U series universal mini twisted-pair receivers to enable the distribution of composite video, S-Video, component video, HDTV component video, and RGB computer video, along with mono audio or control signals on a single cable.
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Nine new wall-mount Cat-5 balun models have been added to Niles Audio's lineup. They are normally used in complementary pairs with their component balun counterparts to convert a wide range of signals to balanced circuit topology. This enables conventional audio and video signals to be transmitted over long runs of low-cost Cat-5 cabling. Each balun in the series is designed with a specific signal application in mind. Because they feature passive circuitry, the wall-mount and component baluns can be mixed and matched to provide solutions for virtually any installation.
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The Audio Design Associates (ADA) HDTV-16 card for the company's Suite-16 luxury whole-house preamp/switcher works in conjunction with the ADA VCT-4, VCT-32, and VCR-4 Cat-5 and RCA jack converters, and it is pin-for-pin compatible with Crestron CNXRMCLV devices. The card was developed from the ADA Omega CB multiroom system, which is capable of routing 32 high-definition video sources and 64 digital-audio sources to up to 106 independent zones.
▪ Audio Design Associates

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