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Altinex DS802-201/DS801-202 transmitters

Dec 7, 2006 2:58 PM

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Altinex’s DS801-201 provides a means of transmitting computer video and audio signals over twisted-pair (Cat-5/6) cable when used with an Altinex UTP receiver such as the DS801-111. Video equalization allows for transmission over cable lengths up to 400ft. The DS801-202 includes snap-in connectors that may be used to route various computer video, audio, and control signals.

The DS801-201 is designed to mount into a standard two-gang outlet box and the DS801-202 into a standard three-gang outlet box. The DS801-201 offers a female 15-pin HD input with the native plug-and-play compatibility, and the 3.5mm stereo audio jack is used for audio input. The female TP main output provides distributed drive to the UTP cable. The signal detect feature shows when a signal is present. The DS801-201 also offers a buffered local output for both video and audio. The front panel provides an attractive finish for the audio/video inputs and local outputs.

The latest generation of twisted-pair devices uses an innovative, patented technology developed by Altinex. The new signal processing technology allows transmitting and receiving fully equalized computer video signals, stereo, and audio signals over long distances without the use of special low-skew twisted-pair cable. The maximum distance at full UGXA resolution is 400ft. between devices and may reach up to 750ft. at VGA resolution.

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