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Soundcraft Vi2 Mixing Console

Nov 5, 2009 4:29 PM

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Soundcraft is now offering a Vi series control surface for applications where space is very tight. The new Soundcraft Vi2 inherits all the basic functionality of its larger brothers, the Vi4 and Vi6, but it measures 34in. wide—about half the size of a Vi6. The Soundcraft Vi2 is equipped with 1-channel section of eight input faders and the master section, which holds eight faders. The Vi2 can handle as many inputs as a Vi4 or Vi6 (72 and 96 channels, respectively) using the standard stagebox and local rack hardware, with access to eight inputs at a time on the channel bay. By simply touching the input meters on the Vistonics screen of the master section, control of those inputs is brought onto the channel faders, along with all the channel functionality such as EQ, auxes, groups etc. The Soundcraft Vi2 will appeal to anyone who wants to use a Vi console, but has more limited space than usual in which to operate. For example, it could be easily brought in at stage side for monitors alongside an existing console at festivals, or in corporate events where input access is less demanding than a multipiece live band. MSRP: N/A

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